Woven Elastic Tapes

Since 1995, Ranjit Tape has firmed its steps among the dignified manufacturers of woven elastic tape in India. Our competitors possess huge respect of our production. We are a Surat based company but you can place your orders at us from anywhere. We are one of top-listed suppliers of woven elastic tapes too in Surat. In our well-established manufacturing unit, we have a huge and efficient team of skilled workers and technicians to work for. They produce quality elastic tapes with the sophisticated technology and well-equipped machinery to ensure lower production cost. We can provide bulk orders at affordable rates which pleases all our customers.




Type Woven Elastic
Material High Quality Textured Yarn
Elastic Heat Resistant Natural Latex Rubber Thread
Thickness 1.1 mm to 1.25 mm (+5%)
Minimum Elongation 1:2(200%)
Maximum Elongation 1:.25(225%)


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